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The Auratones [2022] - Bada Bing [STM Records] (Full Album) - Soul Strutter

Dutch band, The Auratones, combine the best of jazz, funk and soul. They've been together since the 90s releasing their first, of around six, albums in 1997

The Auratones - Bada BingTheir latest album "Badu Bing" was released today and from the opening note of the first track you just know that these guys can play. The trumpet of Cees Trappenburg dominates the first jazz-funk track "Peach Fuzz". 

Whilst the album is instrumental, smooth jazz it most definitely is NOT, it's tight, jazzy and funky and thoroughly enjoyable throughout for lovers of 'real' music and not one for the fad followers as this music is timeless.

Their current line-up is Boudewijn Lucas (bass), Lean Robbemont (drums), Tjeerd van Zanen (guitar), Johan Hendrikse (keys), Rolf Delfos (alto sax), Bariton & Flute Peter Broekhuizen (bariton & flute) and  Cees Trappenburg (trumpet).

They have played many jazz festivals and have inevitably worked with Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer.

Visit Soul Strutter: https://soulstrutter.blogspot.com/2022/09/the-auratones-2022-bada-bing-stm.html 

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