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The Auratones


So far the The Auratones have released five albums. We are working on our 6th album. And we'll release it in 2021. Trust us - it's worth the wait - it's gonna be our best!

New to The Auratones ? Is it jazz? Is it funk? Is it soul? 

  • The Auratones combine the best of all these genres

  • So called soul-jazz with latin- and world influences

  • Jazz with a beat: Funkin’ hard, original and danceable

So while you are waiting in great anticipation for the release of our 6th album, take the time to listen to some of our previous albums. The Auratones albums are on several streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple music. 

Live The Auratones have worked with great guest stars such as altosax virtuoso Candy Dulfer, trumpet wizzards Gerard Presencer and Eric Vloeimans as well as vocalists Berget Lewis and Boris.

On their fourth album "A Cool danceable Adventure" Gerald Presencer is a guest soloist. Vocal, flute and hammond organ virtuoso Thijs van Leer and his daughter, vocalist, Berenice van Leer feature on their fifth album "The Adventure Continues". Thijs is one of the original members of the famous Dutch rock band Focus. The Auratones added their own special sauce on three Focus hits such as Hocus Pocus, Sylvia and House of the King.  Cool eh? 

Who are The Auratones?

The Auratones: a group of passionate dedicated professional musicians. They've mixed the cool side of groovy, irresistible and danceable jazz to a new flavour. The Auratones: Jazz with a smile!

The Auratones

The Auratones were founded by bass player Boudewijn Lucas & guitarist Tjeerd van Zanen.

Alto Sax: Rolf Delfos
Bariton Sax & Flute: Peter Broekhuizen
Trumpet: Cees Trappenburg
Keys: Johan Hendrikse
Bass: Boudewijn Lucas
Drums: Lean Robbemont
Guitar: Tjeerd van Zanen


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Relax. We'll be back live in 2021!

Covid19 is a bummer but we intend to get back on stage with our new album in 2021. The Auratones have a history of performing on festivals such as: The Bossa Estufa-festival in Maastricht, het World Port Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, twice at the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Utrecht & Rotterdam Film Festivals , Heineken Jazz Festival on Curaçao and the International Summer Jazz Festival in Riga, Latvia. 

Want to see us in action?  - wait till 2021 or watch some golden oldies on YouTube - so take a zip of The Auratones experience while we do our thing in the studio!

The Auratones Live at Big River 2013

Featuring Thijs van leer as guest star

Pure Jazz 2008 - The Auratones

Auratones live on Pure Jazz in 2008. Production: Mamascreen Entertainment.

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