About Shoot The Moon Music and Records

Shoot The Moon provides song writing (STM Music) and music production (STM Records). 

Decades of experience

STM was founded and is headed up by Tjeerd van Zanen, a Dutch guitartist, songwriter, engineer & producer with more than 30 year experience in the music business. 

Tjeerd van Zanen - STM Music

Tjeerd has performed nationally and internationally with established artists and has written songs for International artists in a broad variety of languages - including multiple songs for the Eurovision Song Contest. In addition he has written, (co-)produced and performed on a variety of music albums, of which some are featured in more detail on this site such as Nils KrakeThe Auratones and Back To Basic

Teaching music at the University Of Arts

Next to commercial music and record production Tjeerd teaches songwriting and production at Codarts Rotterdam (University of the Arts) and at Artez in Enschede (University of the Arts) https://www.artez.nl/en/course/academy-of-pop-music & https://www.artez.nl/en/course/mediamusic

Festival program director

Tjeerd has also been program director for the Vrienden van Amstel Live from 2000 until 2007.  Which is a popular, annual Dutch concert series which takes place in Rotterdam Ahoy.

YouTube Channel

STM has a YouTube Channel with a selection of songs written, produced and published by Tjeerd.

You can visit it here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3NW_ukCTJA4KTctJDNYInw 


Listen to Tjeerd being interviewed about Music and Songwriting in particular (in Dutch) - Open podcast on Spotify

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