Back To Basic celebrates 30 years with a Revisited Album


In 2019 "Not Over Yet" was the third album of succesful Dutch fusion band Back to Basic. Now in 2023 the band celebrates 30 years of music with the release of a fourth album called " 93 - '96 Revisited".  Back To Basic albums are available on multiple streaming sites, including Amazon MusicApple Music, Spotify, YouTube.

In 2023 it was exactly 30 years since our first album “Give All You Got” saw the light of day. In honor of that, a new album was produced with “Revisited versions” of a selection of existing tracks from the 1st and 2nd albums plus a forgotten B-side. And they sound great! Spread the word & enjoy!


Back To Basic: 3 decades of music

Back To Basic has had its share of success. In 1993 their debut album "Give All U Got" not only got raving reviews in the US but also produced a hit single called “Leave Me Alone” which reached nr 24 in the Dutch Top 40.  It took another three years before their second Album "No Mumbo Jumbo" hit the stores. In the mean time Back To Basic toured and in 1997 featured as support act for legend rocker Joe Cocker. In 2019 the band released the third album, appropriately named "Not Over Yet". An now exactly 30 years after the first album a new album called "Revsited '93 - '96" with re-freshed versions of some of our greatest songs 

Over the decades Back To Basic has attracted a loyal fan base who have patiently been waiting for the band to hit the road again and produce a new album. As with each new album, fans will immediately recognize the band's live energy that has always attracted a strong live following. And as a tribute to our followers,  one of our biggest fans even features on the "Not Over Yet" front cover! 

Take a look at some of our live Radio performances on this page.


Not Over Yet Album from 2019

The first Back To Basic album in over decades.  Older, wiser, and better than ever.  This was our third and best Back To Basic album, appropriately named "Not Over Yet",  All new songs. It is available for direct play on multiple on-line streaming sites, including Spotify. More about "Not Over Yet" and Back To Basic can be found in this english factsheet or here in the same Dutch language factsheet. A full album review can be read on O'Cor's website

"..For me this is no doubt the best album Back to Basic has ever released.
And that's saying a lot.."
O'Cor Blogspot

Get the exclusive Not Over Yet CD

Because this album deserved a hardcopy we have produced a great looking and exclusive CD of the "Not Over Yet" Album. It comes with full color CD and covers and includes a 4 page Booklet. The CD is not available in any online shop and can only be obtained through STM.


Exclusive CD - Not Over Yet


Price for one Not Over Yet CD is €15,- (incl shipping costs within the EU), shipping cost outside EU depends on destination. Send your order with shipping address to: 


We are Back To Basic

If you are not familiar with us yet: We are a Dutch Fusion band that has been together in one form or another for thirty years. Back to Basic's music can be described as funky, jazzy and soulful. 

Back to Basic are:

  • Theo Braams: Lead Vocals
  • Michel van Schie: Bass & Clavinet
  • Sjoerd van Bommel: Drums & Backing Vocals
  • Leen van Rij: Percussion
  • Peter Broekhuizen: Tenor & Baritone Saxophone
  • Jel Jongen: Trombone
  • Tyn Smit: Wurlitzer, Hammond & Piano
  • Tjeerd van Zanen: Guitars


Back To Basic updates


The best way to keep track of what the band is up to is to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Here we will regularly provide news, pictures  and more fun info. 

Watch this space and our Instagram/Twitter accounts to find out when we are back on stage again with songs from all our older albums and certainly from Not Over Yet



I Don’t Care About You

Back to Basic plays live at at Muziekcafé from the Not Over Yet album 

Leave Me Alone

Back to Basic plays hit song ‘Leave Me Alone’ from the album Give All U got live at Muziekcafé

I Don't Care About You

Back to Basic plays live from the Not Over Yet album at DE MAX! on NPO Radio 5


B2B was founded in 1988 by drummer Sjoerd van Bommel and guitarist Tjeerd van Zanen.

During a tour through Germany as members of the Rick Devito Band, Sjoerd and Tjeerd decided it was time to start their own band. Tjeerd came up with the name Back to Basic, which symbolizes the musical path that both wanted to travel.

In Rotterdam-based vocalist Theo Braams they found the perfect singer and front man. Sjoerd brought with him bassist Ivo Severijns and keyboardplayer Bart van Dongen. 

Initially a coverband, creativity finally won and the band started to create its own signature sound that can still be heard today. Band members came and went, but the band's core - Theo Braams (lead vocals) and Tjeerd van Zanen (lead guitars) - remained. Sjoerd van Bommel returned after a successful roadshow with Jango Edwards.

Initial band member Michel van Schie (Bass & Clavinet) returned after an exciting period with Candy Dulfer’s Funky Stuff. Tyn Smit (Wurlitzer, Hammond & Piano) joined after original band member Bart van Dongen left to persue his own musical journey.

A hornsection was added to the lineup consisting of Peter Broekhuizen (Tenor & Baritone Saxophone) and Nico Nijholt (trombone), now replaced by Jel Jongen. The lineup was complete when percussionist Leen van Rij joined the band.