From Idols to Better Than ever: the man can sing!

Nils Krake

NILS KRAKE - Songs From The Vault part 1 is out now!

Nils Krake (37) is a singer/songwriter from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2015 Nils released his first solo single 'Loves Like She Lives', written by Tjeerd van Zanen & produced by Stephan Geusebroek & Tjeerd van Zanen. In 2016 he released his first EP called "7 Tracks" consisting of cover songs that inspired Nils to become a singer. Also produced by Stephan Geusebroek & Tjeerd van Zanen. These songs were specially arranged to give it an authentic Nils Krake sound. In 2019 Nils teamed up with Jerome Phoenix and released the track Fallin'. In that same year he wrote the song "My Home" with composer Jeffrey van Rossum for Dutch movie 'Just Friends'. In January 2022 Nils was featured in the Dutch TV-show "Better than Ever" in which he performed the song Burning House (original by Cam). The live version was put online but he also released a studio version in februari of 2022.
His music can best be characterised as catchy pop with influences of soul, jazz and country music.


At the age of 19 Nils Krake emerged as one of the winners of Popstars: The Rivals. He teamed up in boyband Men2B. After trying for a year that didn't turn out to match his style of music. And recently he was on TV on Saturday evening with a program called Better Than Ever, in which former participants of talent shows such as Popstars, Idols and The Voice of Holland are guests.

Songs From The Vault

Recently STM Records released the first of two EPs under the name "Songs From The Vault - Part 1". The two albums contain songs that Nils has recorded in the past 11 years but were never released. They are produced by Stephan Geusebroek & Tjeerd van Zanen. The second EP will follow.

Nils Krake - Songs From The Vault - part 1

Rosie, also one of the titles on "Songs From The Vault - Part 1"  was already released in August 2022 on several streaming services, including Spotify:


Rosie is a Joan Armatrading song from early 80ties of the previous century and this is what she Tweeted about Nils' version:

Joan Armatrading - twitter - Rosie


Burning House

Recently Nils performed live on the TV Show “Better Than Ever” where ex-contestants from talent shows (such as Popstars, Idols and The Voice of Holland) sing a short version of a cover song of choice. The show featuring Nils aired in january 2022 and gave him the opportunity to sing and talk about his experiences as a contestant and about his ambitions in music. Nils picked “Burning House" a song by the American singer Cam.  A full studio version of his beautiful live rendition of Burning House on "Better Than Ever" has been recorded by STM Music and is now released an on all major streaming services – including Spotify and YouTube - NILS KRAKE Burning House

Nils Krake Burning House

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