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Shoot The Moon Music has written, produced and published multiple songs, singles and albums - see below some of the projects we have been involved with. If you are interested to learn more how we can support you with song writing please contact Tjeerd van Zanen. Click here to hear STM's Tjeerd van Zanen talk frankly about his journey into professional Songwriting in this december 2021 Spotify Podcast (In Dutch)


Ilse de Lange - Wouldn't That Be Something

Michael Rice - Breaking Free

 Maan - Nog Even Niet

Maan - Kom Maar 

Quido van de Graaf - Ik Mis Je 

Met Hart & Ziel on YouTube

Frans Duijts  - Met Hart & Ziel 

Tino Martin - Ik Mis Je Niet

Met Hart & Ziel on YouTube


Dave Dekker - Echte Vriendschap

Dave Dekker - Zij Is Mooi

Dave Dekker - De Nacht Is Van Ons   

Patricia van Haastrecht - I Will Go

Met Hart & Ziel on YouTube

Mylene & Rosanne - Summer Vibes 

Mylene & Rosanne - Music is Magic

Ilse de Lange - Wouldn’t That Be Something 

Thé Lau - We Zijn Wie We Zijn

André Hazes jr - Wijzer

Nils Krake - Loves Like She Lives

Loudgarden - Where Do We Go

Don Cartel Ft Numidia - Never Say Never

 Jennifer Lynn -Six Degrees to Go (Whole album)

René Froger - Dit Is Hoe Het Voelt

Laura Fygi - Every Moment

Maud - Na Vannacht

Berget Lewis - Sooner or Later & I’ll Do Anything

Ruth Jacott - Beter Dan Dit, Ik Adem Je In & Vrij

Hind - What Is Love, Halfway Home, Yah Wili, Your Heart Belongs To Me. A Cool & Danceable Adventure

The Auratones - The Adventure Continues

Geo - Isn’t it Time To Change, Singing My Blues Away, She Don’t Need Me, I Know

Michiel Huisman - Geef Je Over

Michiel Huisman - Deel van Mij

Vangrail - Alles 

Thomas Berger - Zonder Jou (Voor jou alleen)

Silkstone - What’s the Reason

E’velyne - E’velyne (Album)

Dana Winner - Kijk Om Je Heen, Geven en Delen, 2de Jeugd, Stand van de Maan, Beter van Niet, Voor Altijd Één, Wherever You Go. 

Rigby - New Day (Hello This Is Me)

Ebonique - So Much Love, Give A Little

Back To Basic - Leave Me Alone

Back To Basic - No Mumbo Jumbo

Back To Basic - A Little Thing Between You And Me

Solid Soul, I Got My Eye On You, I’ll Give You the Moon, Show Me,
Good Good Time, Tomorrow’s Another Day, Read All About It, Too Late For Sorry, All I Want, River of Love, We Belong Together, Games They Play.

Back To Basic - Not Over Yet (Album)

Back To Basic - Give All You Got (Album)

Back To Basic - No Mumbo Jumbo (Album)

Nadine - Wish I’d Known

The Auratones - Funny Sounds 

Mazzu Mazzu

Eurovision songs by STM Music

Eurovision Sing Contest

1999 - Marlayne - One Good Reason

2013 - Esther Hart - One More Night

2008 - Hind - Your Heart Belongs To Me