"Electronic Jazz that Rocks! "

UBW's pop-oriented electronic Jazz combines best of both worlds - everyone's a winner 


Two UWB Albums you should not miss:

Whats with Ugly White Belly?

Ugly White Belly was formed in 1992 by saxophonist Rolf Delfos and pianist Erwin Hoorweg. They were looking to expand their musical horizon by mixing jazz and pop. And boy did they succeed in an electronic Jazz sound that Rocks, and Rocks.


Erwin en Rolf

Not soon after they added bass player Boudewijn Lucas and guitarist Tjeerd van Zanen making it the right mix of musicians for this journey. After auditioning multiple drummers, Sjoerd van Bommel joined forces. And UWB took off.

Ugly White Belly Band 1996

UWB went on tour and produced two great albums. The group barely changed over the years:


Alto Sax:Rolf Delfos
Drums (1995-1997):Chris Strik
Keys:Erwin Hoorweg 
Bass:Boudewijn Lucas   
Drums (1991-1995):Sjoerd van Bommel
Guitar:Tjeerd van Zanen

UWB changed the electronic jazz/pop landscape in the Netherlands

The collaboration of the band resulted in “South of No North”, Ugly White Belly’s first album.

This album secured their place in the Dutch nouveau jazz scene and resulted in concerts and radio performances throughout Holland. In 1995 Sjoerd van Bommel left the band and was replaced by Chris Strik, an up and coming jazz fusion drummer.

With Chris they recorded their second album ”Binc”. Which resulted in extensive touring.

UWB Live At Dizzy 1995

Although the band ended in 1997, they’ve left a mark on the “electronic jazz/pop landscape in the Netherlands. All the members of Ugly White Belly are still active in the Dutch music scene. Both “South of No North” & “Binc” can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and other digital platforms.

Have a listen and enjoy!