Channah Hewitt - JIJ KENT ME BETER

STM Music hooked up with Voice of Holland Star Channah, to co-write and play the guitar on this love song

Channah Dewitt: Je Kent Me Beter - You Know Me Better

Channah Hewitt (26) is a Dutch singer and contestant of the Voice Of Holland (VOH). Her latest single Je Kent Me Beter was produced by Roulsen (Roel Rats) and co-written with STM Music’s Tjeerd van Zanen, who also took care of guitar on the recording.

With “Je Kent Me Beter”, the first single by multi-talented Channah, the Netherlands can finally get acquainted with the charismatic singer' own music. After her success with The VOH, in the team of none other than Dutch rocker Waylon, her fans eagerly awaited her first release. In this song she sings about love as anyone would like, that your partner might know you better than you know yourself.