NILS KRAKE - Burning House

At the age of 19 Nils Krake won the talent show "Popstars the Rivals" and later he was a contestant at the "The Voice of Holland". Recently he sang live on the TV Show “Better Than Ever” and he picked the classic Burning House – Produced by STM Music this beautiful song is now on all major streaming services – incl Spotify

At seventeen was in the boy band Men2B good for two number one-hits; at nineteen he won the TV show Popstars the Rivals and later he was a contestant at the "The Voice of Holland". Now at 36 he was asked to sing live on the TV Show “Better Than Ever” where ex-contestants from talent shows (such as Popstars, Idols and The Voice of Holland) perform a short version of a cover song of choice. The show featuring Nils aired in january 2022 and gave him the opportunity to sing and talk about his experiences as a contestant and about his ambitions in music. Nils picked “Burning House" a song by the American singer Cam.

A full studio version of his beautiful live rendition of Burning House on "Better Than Ever" (picture above) has been recorded by STM Music and is now released an on all major streaming services – including Spotify and YouTube. 

Better and More Beautiful Than Ever

Nils Krake has been working with STM Music' producers Tjeerd van Zanen and Stephan Geusebroek for years and the logical step was to record Burning House with them.

And this is just the start. Two EPs will be released soon under the name Songs From The Vault (Part 1) & (Part 2) and these contain songs that Nils has recorded in the past 11 years but were never released. Both albums are expected to be made available throughout 2022. 

Burning House Live by Nils Krake - Performed on Better Than Ever 27/1/22

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