We Binne Wa’t We Binne

Song written by STM Music, orginally released in 2006 for a Dutch commercial and rediscovered in 2021 by Reinout Weima, part of the duo Weima & vd Werf

Story about A COVID-proof studio project to revive a forgotten song consisting of Reinout Weima, Stephan Geusebroek and Tjeerd van Zanen.

Going Frisian

The original song 'We Zijn Wie We zijn' was written by Stephan Geusebroek and Tjeerd van Zanen and produced in 2006 for a Campina dairy commercial. Sung by The Scene frontman Thé Lau expectations were high and a single was released. Despite rave reviews, it never make the charts.
Fast forward to 2021 when Reinout Weima, half of duo Weima & vd Werf, rediscovered the song.

He was surprised that this song never became a hit, so he contacted songwriter/producer Tjeerd van Zanen to work together to do 'something' with it.
Tjeerd was enthusiastic about the plan to make a Frisian version and - unlike the original - to give it an acoustic twist.
Said and done. Tjeerd and Stephan played all the instruments and Reinout wrote the Frisian text and added the vocals.
Special detail: Reinout has never met Tjeerd and Stephan in person!

The Frisian version with Lyrics

Who are Weima, Geusebroek & van Zanen?

Reinout Weima is half of duo Weima & vd Werf, a pop duo that has been playing together for 25 years and has delivered successful Frisian-language albums and singles in recent years.

Stephan Geusebroek, keyboardist, composer, arranger, conductor (New Amsterdam Orchestra http://www.newamsterdamorchestra.com) collaborated with and accompanied many artists such as Chaka Khan, Waylon, Ilse DeLange and Alain Clark.

Tjeerd van Zanen, guitarist, producer and songwriter. Wrote ao for the song festival (Marlayne's 'One Good Reason', 'One More Night' by Esther Hart and 'Your Heart Belongs To Me' by Hind), as well as hits for Dana Winner, Tino Martin, Frans Duijts and 2 album tracks for Dutch singer Maan.